Pacific Lasercraft can etch or engrave most plastics, wood, leather, glass, tile and coated metals with letters, words, phrases, symbols or your own artwork. Uncoated metals can be etched using a laser marking material that appears black once complete. We can even process most photographs for etching.

Put a laser tattoo on your stuff! --Personalize your favorite piece of tech gear for fun or to protect it from theft.


Create a prototype out of plywood or acrylic sheets. Our laser can work with sheet material 24" x 12" and can cut up to 3/8". We can work with most vector files such as EPS, AI, DXF, DWG, SVG, and Corel Draw. We can even help you digitize your designs.

We cannot cut metal.


We can create masks (stencils) to sandblast glass, wood, metal and plastic for decorative effect or to carve artwork into the service.


We create one of a kind gifts and can help you bring your projects to life, from design to completion. Check out our gallery for a sample of the pieces we have produced.


As each project is unique, we need to evaluate each job to give you an accurate price. Please Call us at 408-728-6293 to discuss your project or email your information to